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Originally Posted by skywagon View Post
With my Cessna 182 ARF came the option of a 6 Chan. radio. It was an Airfield brand (powered by 4 AA cells instead of the usual 8). No manual..of course.
It has interesting trim 'lever' functions. They look like standard 'click' trim levers, but they are not. Pressing the trim one direction or the other, the transmitter beeps and the associated servo makes a mini step change.
My question is...what is the range of the 'beeps'..? If seems to be about 20 beeps across its complete trim range or 10 beeps left and 10 right. It has a mystery beep tone change about mid way thru the range. I thought this mystery tone indicated the "mid" point of the trim range, but, it is not same from time to time. The problem is, one does not really know where the trim neutral or mid point is. Because the trim acts like a spring loaded switch, it is always in the middle of what we normally think is the lever type mid/neutral position.
I would appreciate a lead on the radio 'manual' or someone explaining the trim function in this new method of setting the transmitter trim controls.
Your description is correct. Instead of the analog style of trim you have a computer radio that sets it's trims digitally. The trim levers are no longer connected to pots but to switches.

Anything other than the cheapest 2.4g radios will have a screen showing the trim positions relative to neutral.
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