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Default New to this, all over again.

Hello people. I got into flying back in 2007. I'm mean I REALLY got into flying. At one point I had between 30 and 35 planes of all sorts of descriptions. Most were electric and most were E-Flite. I still have a Parkzone Typhoon if anyone remembers.

I'm posting this because I'm considering revisiting the hobby. I stayed with it heavy for about four years until the wife, who sort of pushed me toward this hobby (long story) started complaning that I was spending to much time at the field.. I guess the reason that I'm posting this is because I'd like to know what's changed? My TX was a Spektrum DX7 which used the AR series of RX. I guess that DSM2 is still a thing? I used to buy Zippy lipos from Hobbyking. They were really good batteries at the time. Turnigy sucked, What are the current dos and don'ts in 2021? Really appreciate any input you all might have... Thanks!!!

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