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Originally Posted by Lieutenant Loughead View Post
The literal translation of "no va" is "you (formal) do not go".

It is absolutely something that a Spanish speaking person might say to a superior or someone they respect. Though they would pronounce it "no vba" because they add a "b" when they pronounce their "v".
Reminds me of one time after two weeks of conducting training schools on our equipment in Mexico City, with our local agent as a translator. At the end of the second week, they took me to a local "bar" for some drinks. And after a few, I had to make a little trip to the boys room.

After returning, one of the customers asked me "Is your fly OK?" I looked, no problem and said so. He was kind of puzzled, and asked again, "Is your fly OK?". Again, no problem. One more time, and our agent asked in in Spanish what the question was.

The question was "Is your (return airline) FLIGHT OK". They all got a laugh out of that.

One guy I ran across in South Korea spoke 13 languages fluently. From German to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and that more I've forgotten. He spoke English better than I do.
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