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I can help you out a bit here as I work with batteries professionally. The answer you will like is YES you can do this, bu tnot quite as simple as it appears to be.

Pb batteries fall into three basic categories, of SLI, True Deep Cycle, and Hybrid.

SLI or Starting Lighting & Ignition are made to provide very high quick burst of current to crank and engine, and then be recharged just as fat, Those would be your car batteries. They are constructed of thin spongy plates that do not fill the battery jar to allow room for corrosion and flaking. Thise thin spongy plates provide low internal resistance so they can provide high currents. They are not made to be cycled and if pressed into deep cycle service will only have a shirt battery life. Dead giveaway is a SLI battery only specifies CCA and MCA rating with no RC or Amp Hours. Stay away from them.

A true deep cycle uses much heavier and thicker plates made to be deep cycled down to 80-% on AGM models properly maintained up to 1000 cycles or more. They cannot provide those high starting current, or be charged as fast as an SLI battery, A True Deep cycle battery will only have a Amp Hour Rating and some will have a RC rating.

Hybrids try to be both SLI and Deep Cycle. Plates are thicker and heavier than SLI so they can do some deep cycle work, but thinner than deep cycle so they can do some light cranking. Hybrids come with all kinds of marketing names like golf cart, wheel chair, trolling motor, RV and the list goes on. Dead giveaway it is a Hybrid is they will have CCA, MCA, RC, and Amp Hour rating.

Both Deep Cycle and Hybrid will work. All that is left to do is the battery math. Keeping it simple say you buy a 12 volt 100 AH deep cycle battery, and use say 3S 2200 mah packs. That will get you roughly 40 to 50 recharges,
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