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There has been quite a bit of debate on the value or validity of using the measured dc resistance vrs the calculated resistance.

There are a number of very smart people who's opinions I value who disagree on this point

Its my understanding the using the calculated 'Rm' ends up including the esc resistance and wiring, connectors etc. That might be fine for over all predictions for a specific "system" but doesnt necessarily tell you about the motor itself.

Changing the esc or its settings or the rpm and/or the power range your operating in all will effect the calculated values.

So if your calculated value was done using brand x esc at timing Y, but you end p runing the motor on brand z esc at tming Q, then you predictions may be meaningless.

At the same time, taking only the motors dc resistance ignores the esc and connectors, timing settings etc etc. But that may give you a more honest look at the motor itself if thats what your trying to evaluate or compare.

Both have value I suppose depending on the situation and what your looking for.
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