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Originally Posted by gittarpikk View Post
A few fellow RC'rs had created a new fun fly pylon racing and use a 1900 kv Blue Wonder that we always got from HURC... When I was told they were closing I went to buy a few more and found they had already been bought up. I searched the whole web and found zero 1900 KV BW's. seems that HURC may have been having them made custom . That 1900 KV is a Tiger on the planes we designed for this class running approx 60 mph. It would be nice if I could get more of those motors somewhere HK does not have that KV of BW.
One of the great things HURC did was no B.S. on the motors they sold. Here's a cut and paste from the website: "Please note: The KV ratings we publish for the motors we sell are the direct result of our own testing and may not match the manufacturer labels, as often such readings may vary between manufacturerd batches of motors. We perform this testing to ensure that our customers have accurate specifications upon which to base the specific application of each motor." Hard to say what their 1900kv motor spec was by other sellers. The motor you want is probably still available. Try e-mailing Jeff at HURC. I'm sure he'll tell you what you need to look for in the available market.

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