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Default TC decisions

Originally Posted by bnick2k11 View Post

I have a park right across the street where I've always flown but because of the grass I've always just found it easier to not use the wheel pants also... I also went to larger tires and in the grass they just move some much easier with the larger tires... Adding lights could be done if a person has patience I like your idea... I used the Park480\1024kv but it really is over kill and the smaller motors would easily work just fine...

Have a fun week...
Hey Bnick,

I have a nice athletic/recreation field 1/2 mile from my house which is great because the club field is close to 20 miles away. While I'm building the Taylorcraft, I'm flying the PZ Supercub LP foamy. I stopped at the hobby store yesterday and got some 2.5" wheels for it, upgrading from 1.75" and managed to get a couple flights in before the snow started! It helped a little but on frozen grass it still needs a nudge sometimes to get going and also full elevator at takeoff to avoid a nose over until it gets a little groundspeed. I have 2.5 Dubros on order for the TC. What size did you use? Nice photo btw!

Also glad to hear you mention the 480 is overkill. I agononized about which engine, but after hearing and reading of people doing 450's and even adding floats on them, I decided to go that route.

We're in the middle of a 10-14" snowstorm today, so looks like I'll be getting some benchtime to work on the TC. May have to look for skis for the TC and the cub!

Still haven't decided whether or not to mount the NAV and strobe LED's on the outer leading edge of the wing. I guess that would be better than nothing, but can't glue the wing together until I decide on that! Will put a red beacon on the fuselage near the rudder on top and another on the belly about mid fuselage and a pait of bright white "landing" LEDs up in the cowel. Should be fun at dusk and dawn. Using the Turnigy LED kit.
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