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This is all completely normal, while the heli is on the bench a HH gyro when given even the slightest rudder will go all the way to max throw. Why? because when you give it rudder it expects the heli to actually turn, while its on the bench it will never turn so therefore the gyro assumes the heli isn't moving and gives even more trying to force it to move. TOTALLY NORMAL. In rate mode the tail will center itself with the rudder stick.
Nothing makes me happier then finding an answer to my own question.

Looks like every thing I did was correct

Now I just have to finish setting up the head (only got up to setting up the swash plate, still have everything above it to go) and ballancing the blades.

"Google is your friend!"

If anyone reads this and knows what pitch the tail blades need to be when the slider is centered i'd like to know.
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