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Originally Posted by WVrailfan View Post
I have A Dynam WACO which has turned out to be one of my favorite planes. It is a good size, easy to see, but easy to transport. It flies great and is easy to land.

So when I was looking for a second biplane, the Dynam Albatros DVa seemed a likely choice. It is the same size and can use the same 4s batteries. Judging from the videos on line it is a good flyer also.

I got one, painted it so it doesn't look like every other Dynam Albatros and headed to the field.

Maiden flight was down right scary. I balanced it at the recommended location, but upon takeoff it was obviously drastically tail heavy. I managed a soft crash in the hay field adjacent to our runway, causing only minor damage.

Through trial and error, I have finally got it flying, however it took 5 ounces of lead up front and switching to a larger 3600 battery to get it balanced.

If anyone else is considering this plane, I suggest for the maiden flight add some extra weight to the nose so that it seems nose heavy at the recommended CG and work from there. Also, it takes a lot of rudder with ailerons to get it to turn, so be ready for that.

All that said, it is a very good looking plane, on the ground and in the air. With a little detail work and added rigging, it has a very scale appearance.

It likely won't replace my WACO as my "go to" biplane, but I will take it to the field once and a while for something different.

Wow thanks for posting, I thought I was the only one to add nearly 11oz to the nose. I as well maidened with the battery full forward and it was almost disastrous. It took off great then immediately knew it was nose heavy by the tail in a 3d position. It would turn one way but not the other. (Learned I had to use rudder and aileron on bi planes) and I was able to feather it down but it was a ride.
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