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Default Acromaster Power Setup?

Hey guys, going to pick up an AM very soon here. Just waiting on the DX6i release before I make my purchase.

I've been heeing & hawing over for the past 2 weeks (read every setup/review there is on the web with regards to the acromaster, the best one being ) and can't decide between these 3 motors:

TR 35-42D 1000kv (4mm shaft is a bit of a downside to this one)

TR 42-40B 900kv

KD 36-12L 1000Kv

I'd like to run a slightly larger prop (12x6 minimum, prob 13x7 or 13.6x6 I would guess most of you would recommend as ideal) as it probably gives better thrust. Would like to use my 3s TP 2100 Pro Lites but I'll also grab a couple 2500's too. Do note that I'm flying at 3800ft ASL, so a 10-12% "prop-up" equates the same performance & amp draw as at sea level for a good chunk of you.

Is there anyone out there who has experience with multiple motor & prop setups with this thing? I want loads of power & good efficiency (8-10+ min flights) while trying to stay under 40A if possible. I basically am looking for the best performing/efficient cheap power setup for it. Or maybe someone has motor comparison #'s out there? I'd like to hear other's power setup, prop, amp draw, flight times, flying altitude and your general favorite setups on this thing too!

Thanks guys!
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