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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
If you have individual cells, it's much easier to charge them all in parallel. Placing them in series requires that you also wire up a balancer cable. Your charger is set up for that, but the balancer cable is a lot more work. I do have wiring diagrams for balancing cables if desired.

What voltage and milliampere rating do your LiIon cells have? Are they 4.2 Volts at full charge? Just curious.

What kind of battery holder would you be using for the charging purpose? All of them can be charged in parallel at a total charge rate of an ampere or so.
I didn't think I could use the 4S to charge in parallel since it charges through the Balancing wires??

The cells are 3400mAH and they are to be charged to 4.2 volts at 1 amp.

I'd like to get the wiring diagrams for balancing cables.

I want to be all set up for parallel and series charging so I have both bases covered.

If charging in parallel:

If charging in series I guess I would have to use individual single battery holders and connect them to the 4S.

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