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Default What is a GOOD Tx for 5.8ghz ?

I need to get a new 5.8 ghz Tx for my FPV setup.

I have a VTOL Convergence and a few other planes and quads.

I had a TS 832 and another Tx but they stopped working before I even got to fly.
They were used so no return. I did not power up without an antenna. Just bad luck I guess.

I would like to have about 200 mw, I think that will give me enough range to learn with.

It seems like all of these things come from China, so I was wondering if there is any one of them that really stands out as reliable and clean signal.

Of course I don't want to spend more than I have to, who does?

I haven't flown anything yet with FPV, but I have a 5.8 ghz Rx + monitor screens and a 5.8 ghz goggle plus a few different cameras.

I defer to the experts
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