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Default DXe TX Issue with SAFE on Horizon Super Cub S


I have a Horizon Super Cub S I purchased in late 2014. It has the SPMA3170 combination RX and ESC unit. It is listed at a “DSMX SAFE Receiver/ESC Unit.”

I have a DXe TX that I'd like to bind to the Super Cub's RX so that SAFE can be turned on and off using the DXe's three-position Flight Mode switch, which uses Channel 5.

On other planes with other RXs, I've been able to do what I describe above. But for the Super Cub, I can get SAFE to operate using me DXe but cannot turn SAFE off and on.

On the other hand, I can accomplish what I want if I bind the Super Cub's RX to my DX5e TX.

There are more details at my RCGroups thread HERE and related posts in that thread.

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