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Default Full-Time Climb?

Hello J Reed, Welcome to Wattflyer!
From the photo it looks like your C.G. is pretty close. If moving it forward doesn't help, remember this; Your plane is overpowered.
Combining this with a deeply undercambered airfoil and a couple of degrees of built-in incidence will assuredly result in a climbing attitude.
But there's a solution; Less throttle.
My guess is, with this power set-up, your model will "Cruise" (Maintain altitude) at 1/3rd throttle or possibly less. More than this will be wasted by a constant climbing attitude and the resultant down elevator to compensate.
Try taking off at 2/3rds throttle and lowering the throttle once you gain enough altitude. Reduce the throttle until the model is flying very slowly, not climbing or losing altitude. That's your "Cruise" setting. Use more power for aerobatics, less to land.
The SS is incredibly stable at low speeds. The problem may be that you're flying it at a higher speed and the aerodynamic set-up causes it to climb.
Just a suggestion,
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