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Default Futaba R617FS 7ch FASST receiver

Had two of these for sale, and they were sold. The buyer contacted me because one of the antenna leads had a nick in the insulation (it did not affect the antenna itself) and wanted his money back. I told him to send both receivers back, because I could smell trouble down the line with him.

The one with the bad insulation is gone, but I have one left. It was in perfect working condition when it was removed from the airplane it was installed in. Excellent range, no reception issues. I'd rather give it to someone who needs it than sell it to someone who complains that he doesn't trust a used Rx that he bought for less than half the price of a new one in his "$600 airplane". (Dude, if you have that much in the plane, why are you trying to save a few bucks on the Rx? Pony up and spend for new.)

Anyway, you cover shipping ($7.15) and it's yours. All I ask is that you use it, and not turn around and resell it. (Sorry, picture is upside down.)
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