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I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping some of the original participants are still monitoring it.

I just finished the build on my Addiction X and noticed the very same "oddity" With the ailerons when trying to trim them. Both are dead flat but when trimmed level to the wing tips, they are both noticeably high at the wing root. Conversely, if I level them at the root, both are low at the tips. PA is on a month long break so no help from support. Searched the topic quite a bit and found this thread.

I read 2 differences of opinions in this thread as to what to do. I believe the OP got advice from PA to level at the tips but I believe someone else noted that it would be better perhaps to have the ailerons lower at the tips.

I just find this strange that this thread is several years old and more than a few people have noted this yet it's not mentioned anywhere in the manual as to the best method to trim these. Any thoughts would be appreciated
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