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As i probably said earlier in the thread.. This must indicate that either the ailerons or the wings have a warp in them. This is not a deliberate 'design feature'. I dont have the addiction but i do have the PA Ultimate AMR and one of it's wings was similarly warped, plus the fuselage bad a bad twist in it too. The wings are pretty easy to untwist, the fuselage took more work but i got there in the end.

As Squidger said, with it being a slow flying plane it will probably fly 'ok' even with twists in the wings/ailerons, but personally i couldn't accept that sort of imperfection. Even if it has no immediately obvious effect on flight it would annoy the heck out of me!

To be fair to PA they highlight the risk of warps in their lightweight surfaces at various places in the manual. They detail how to check for and correct for warps of the exact type you are seeing, they specifically state that the ailerons should be correctly aligned at both root and at the tip and they detail how to correct it if it's not. Here are the extracts from my Ultimate AMR manual, I assume the Addiction has the same wording:


Only thing i'd add to this is it's not so 'unlikely', it's almost a certainty!

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