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Default Prop Diameter for 3D

OK things are slow here now, so here is something to do. OK I have a "48" Extreme Flight 540 EDGE EXP have have been using 3S cells and 14 x 7 , and 13 x 6.5 E Props from APC. Happy Happy. However I just purchased a few 4S cells which requires a smaller less aggressive prop. The manual says 12 x 6 but as I run Calculations, a 13 x 4 is a better fit. Uses less power and develops more thrust than the 12 x 6.

OK I know a 13 x 4 will not the air speed a 12 x 6 pitch. Not concerned about speed. What I do not know which is better for 3D flying a larger or smaller diameter prop? My gut tells me bigger is better as it will produce a wider column of air over the control surfaces. Only down side I can see is the larger prop will have more P Factor Torque.
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