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Some Assembly Required
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Originally Posted by tiger86 View Post
Looks really nice Greg. I like your idea of using epoxy and string to strengthen the spar joint. I think the "Blue Wonder" motor will be a great powerplant for that plane. That checkerboard work is top notch too.

Here is my latest attempt at another WWII warbird design. Still a work in progress but promised I'd post some pics so here they are. Any ideas on how to brace the wings? The plans call for a spar running horizontally through the "V" portion of the wings and bottom of the fuse.
Wow Tim, that looks great! You told me you wanted to try a Corsair but I didn't figure you'd slap one together that fast. Nice job!

My new one is still laying in the garage all sliced up from you big bullies picking on me. Now I know why you all were so anxious for me to fly the new one.
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