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Some Assembly Required
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Originally Posted by tiger86 View Post
Thanks Tom and Greg for the vote of confidence. Hopefully, it will fly when I'm done... I'm still a little concerned about how strong those dihedral joints are going to turn out. Also, whether the aileron servo push rods will have clearance under the bottom of the dihedral. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I may give that brass tube and CF rod a try James. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure what my status is for this Sunday just yet. I'm hoping to come down and do some flying with the Unclubbers. Tom, if I do come down, do you want to carpool? Larry may come down too but we might be able to all fit in one of our vehicles. Just a thought. I promise I'll be nice to your "slightly used" P-47.
Hey Tim,

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it to Tulsa. If I were, we could definitely car pool. Sorry.
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