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Originally Posted by fhhuber View Post
The RPM max (with a specific propellor...) is a way to measure a power limit.

The rules defined a max displacement limit and people found out they could swap cylinders and pistons with a different engine thus having higher displacement with the smaller displacement label molded into the crankcase.

Power means speed and speed can be a large advantage in getting behind and then running straight up someone's streamer.

Very easy to do a tach test to catch this cheat.

Making the electric comply with the same rpm limit with the same prop is one of the best ways to make the two type power systems compete as evenly as possible.
Back in 70 .. 80's when I did Pylon racing in UK .... the engines used were specified. We had choice of Irvine 20 or Veco 19 in Club 20 .. and in Formula 40 ( a new class was still in its infancy and evolving ... most used Webra or Rossi, but engines were being tried to decide best ....). In the region I flew .. Southern area we had a rule that if another competitor had reason to believe you were 'cheating' you would swap engines !

No amount of rpm / prop / other reg's could force compliance - but swap engines does !! OK odd people did try it on - but very soon found out it was not worth it ...

Sadly Formula 40 at end of it's first year was proposed international died and was reborn as another class name ... with different rules ... by then I'd dropped out.

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