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Did direct strike combat for years, with my S&B EPP planes and scratchbuilds. It used to literally rain components with a really big hit!!! Tried twice with a stryker but it got literally smashed to pieces against the real thing. In the end, no-one was interested due to the attrition record against the more fragile foamies out there. It is much harder to hit another plane than you would think, and more often than not it was pure chance or unintended. The only rule was that whoever hit the ground last was the winner." Ratcatching" was great fun, as you pounced on your opponent as they glided in to land out of power I left the prop cutting streamer thing behind with glo engines, although mid air collisions were pretty frequent ( and expensive). Electrics and packing tape covered EPP were ( and still are) near indestructable
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