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Well I do not know chit about your two RX's as I have never even heard of them. But I do know what Sport and 3D modes are suppose to mean.

Sport is just Conventional Gyro flight stabilization borrowed from the Helicopter crowd. It only dampens the effects of wind and external forces applied to the plane. It will not correct your heading or attitude, just resist changes.

3D goes beyond Conventional with Heading Gain. Not only does it dampen, but will actually try to put the plane back in the Heading and Attitude it was in before being moved. Of course for it to work you must have enough air moving across the control surface for it to work

Some examples. On a Tail Dragger like the Addiction you can do a Thumb Off take off by just punching the throttle. The plane will hold all 3 axis as it was on the ground. You get a nice perfect take off with no roll, yaw, and pitch holds a little up so you get a nice smooth accent.

On Knife Edges, roll the plane 90 degrees, pitch the nose up a little with rudder, and thumbs off the sticks except throttle to control vertical speed.

Trick is getting the gains set properly. To little gain and the plane will not hold attitude. Too much gain and/or speed and the plane oscillates. Way too much gain and you loose control and crash.

Start off Slow wiht Low gains and work your way until you just start to see Oscillations, then back it off a little.

The nice thing about the Spektrum AR636 all this can be done on each axis individually in flight. You can dial it in real quick and easy.

The only issue I have had is with faster air speeds. When you get the plane dialed in for 3D is at very low airspeeds which is fine. However if I am n 3D mode and I go fast, it Oscillates. Go to fast and it would tear the plane apart.

Fortunately the Spektrum AR636 has 3 Flight Modes. My Flight Mode 1 is No Gyros, limited throws Safe mode. FM1 has the gyros turned off. FM2 is my Sport Mode, more throws and just some Conventional Gain in the gyro and can fly full throttle. FM2 just dampens the wing and turns the wind off so to speak. FM3 is 3D with 55 degrees of Throws high Conventional and Heading gains. To use FM3 i have to slow down the plane. Makes landing a piece of cake. Just put the plane in a 45 degree Harrier, and use the Throttle to control vertical speed, and rudder to control direction. At 45 degree harrier air speed is extremely SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. You can walk along side of the plane and snatch it out of the air, or let the tail wheel gently touch down. If you got a little wind to head into, a 0 mph ground speed landing.
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