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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Sounds similar in many ways to the HobbyEagle. the auto Hover in the hobby eagle is just a variation on 3D attitude hold but in Auto hover the system automatically put the model into a nose up vertical hover position.. One difference is that in auto hover you gain set the gains very high as you only ever zero airspeed.

It's got a user defined option too where you can set rate and heading hold gains as you like, but I've not even tried that option yet. The main problem I've had is getting decent enough weather to test it out, that and batteries that have been in storage for a couple of years and aren't as good as they once were.
I don't know squat about heli's and quads, really do not want to know either. However one of our senior members at the club, Ron Moore (we call him moron) is one heck of a good 3D pilot of both planes and heli's has recently took interest in Quads/Drones and he had me help set up his new Drone and even let me fly it.

I do not recall what he called the Receiver, but it looks a lot different than any I have seen. I know it has gyros, but it also requires a small GPS antenna which is where I came in because he could not get it working right. Anyway got it working and is a breeze to fly. You do not have to know anything about it. You can send the dang thing and turn off your radio, and the damn thing will come right back and land where it took off. Turn loose of the sticks, and it just hovers and holds its position in both altitude relative spot over the ground even in strong winds.

Nothing to landing it, just cut the throttle and it gently lands itself. Unless there is a malfunction, or runs into an object, is suppose to be impossible to crash as it knows where ground is and will not let you do something to hit the ground. Well the joke is it is not Moron Proof. Ron has earned his nick name Moron. He is quite wealthy, drives a huge RV with Trailer converted to take his planes around the country from large scale to micros. Really nice rig. He throws caution to the wind when he flies and has spectacular crashes with very expensive models. Does not phase him a bit to crash a $3000 plane, he has a garage full of planes sitting in boxes.

In fact to get a kid or teen to join the club, he will buy them their first plane and radio, then teach them to fly. Great guy, but not a lick of sense.
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