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Ok ... here's the photos ...

Please note two things here .... a) the thin ply face in the leading edge of the aileron that you glue hinges through ! b) this is also the area that all that force and stress is via the control horn .. note the lack of re-inforcement !! The vertical ply web is no better than the spar you see !

Here are the wings as removed from model ... EPP is split and torn in multiple places, ailerons twisted ...

Cowling burst asunder with motor box shattered into tiny bits ...

Here's motor which survived still with the cowl ring on it !! The bits in the box are the shattered remains of structure gathered up from the runway...

Fuselage cockpit section saved by the CF rods but ply has shattered in so many places ... typical brittle cheap Chinese Lite-Ply ....

The structure will be repaired using European Lite Ply and should not incur any weight increase other than a odd gram here and there. My model was lighter than many I read here.

Contrary to some posts over on the 'dark side' - the 4250 650kv on 5S and 13x8 had her flying anything asked ... She will most certainly 3D on it ... no need for 6S etc.

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