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Originally Posted by formontoya View Post
I've not seen the 48" hybrids call out anything but 3S (13x6.5-maybe a 14" max) or 4S (12x6) with Skywing (I have a V2 Slick) or Aerobeez (I have the Extra330) and I've not had issues with any control surfaces pulling out. However, I can see them coming out with 5S or larger.

Curious, where did you see that 5S was doable?
As long as you get the hinges in and well soaked in CA or Epoxy to really hold in the slots - they pull out too easily.

If you go back in the thread - you will see what you are hinging to ... a very thin ply spar with only EPP helping it. I actually removed one section to photo for you guys to show my point.

I see that the models are actually available in 40, 48 and 55" versions ... and all have same construction.

As to 5S - I use 5S in my 55" Edge ... but I could use 5S in a 48" .. its down to capacity to get weight suitable and the KV of motor to match the pack voltage.

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