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I have a RC buddy who moved to Tampa, FL a few years ago.........He visits SPARKS RC in St. Petersburg quite often. Luis Espinosa hangs out there. From what I've seen of my buddies vid's he sends me, Luis flies anything and everything. His skills are famous in that part of the RC community. He also teaches advanced build, set-up and pilot classes, which my buddy has sat in on a few times............certainly a Master of his craft as well, my bud has learned a trick or two from him.

As far as flying a Flex QQ300 within a 20' radius at some parking lot, one's skills would have to be darn good (even with this plane) set-up properly. Not something the average 3D fixed wing pilot's I know would consider with a plane that size.........But, that Flex sure does seem to have lot's of variables to consider as a Sport craft to grow into........
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