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Question for JetPlaneFlyer .....

I know you have the 48" version but still interested to know what servos you have and what movement on the surfaces.

The Skywing site recc'ds 3.5kg servos for the 55" and I fitted 2.6kg on ailerons, 3.2kg on Elevator / Rudder. Basically because the slots are strange size and made for Henge 725 servos. They were the nearest and torque fig I could find that would go in the slots without serious modification.

My surface movements are :

Ailerons +/- Reduced :18deg Full : 40deg
Rudder +/- Reduced : 16deg Full : 35deg
Elevator +/- Reduced : 20deg Full : 55deg

I cannot get more as EPA and arms are max'd out.

I have ordered Henge servos now for all slots ... my pocket is bleeding now !! With over 5kg torque available - so I should be able to replace the kit extender with my own longer to get more throw on elevator.

Interested in comments. (The info on RCG - I had errors in measurements).

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