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Nice job flyboy. Your lozenge areas are pretty good stuff, and may well cure you of future efforts like that - I did a Hannover CLIIIA back around 1982, with wings in five colour lozenge, with different colours top and bottom.

Ain't done one in lozenge since!

Used cardboard templates of five pattern repeats, a cheapy airbrush and my car's spare tyre as the compressed air source.

Right now, have the DR1 out of the same range ready for an outburst of enthusiasm. So far, have torn the red covering off, acquired enough Doculam and acrylic paint to deal with a re-cover and scale documentation to work from. I nearly left it red and just flew it, but research indicated that the model actually replicates a 75% full scale man-carrying DR1 - the ultimate in 'IMAA legal' perhaps? .

Electrifly's colour scheme is off the prototype of the US designed 'big model', not a WW1 fighter. Couldn't live with that.

Today's trivial factoid. Have seen two full size restorations in my travels, Shuttleworth Collection near London, England, had a WW1 LVG CV two seater, but they got a local art college to figure out how to dye aircraft fabric like the WW1 process and then make them lots of rolls of the stuff. Unfortunately, Shuttleworth doesn't have the aircraft any more. They used to fly it, but it was the last airworthy German WW1 aircraft in the world, by many years, and they decided it was really too much to risk. Assume it's in some other museum. From what I've read of how the fabric was printed on rolls which were then stitched into wing sized bags for covering, they did a pretty realistic job too.

The Smithsonian in DC had, or maybe has, a Focker DV11 blatantly painted in lozenge and couldn't you just tell it? While we aeromodellers can get away with painted lozenge, at 12" = 1ft, it really stood out.

Whereabouts in the Carolinas? My Spousal Unit is from Winston-Salem, NC, she has brood near Greeenville, NC. We get down to Greenville every so often.

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