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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Check out this site ... it just about tells you everything you need to know about 808's

I have 808's and here are a few suggestions :

1. Velcro is too 'loose' and the camera can move while mounted. BUT it provides good damping against vibration.
2. You need something to 'press' the cam down into the velcro to steady it ... I use elastic bands.
3. Always have a thin cotton anchor safety line ... carpet thread is good for this ... tied through the cord slot and then fixed to model.

If you are going to use near or on the water .. say on Polaris or other waterplane ........ then use plain sandwich wrap (clingfilm) and wrap the camera completely ... making sure a SINGLE tight layer is across the lens hole. It will not affect video recording but having had my 808 under water for ~5 mins with this - I know it works. Velcro can be applied to the film and elastic bands.

For taking video from the ground ...

OK ... do NOT buy :

MD80's ....

beware of cheap SJ Sport Cameras ...

GoPro 4 ... I find is poor on battery life but is best if you can live with that :

Later GoPro's may have better but I believe they sealed the battery in !! The 4 at least has battery you can swap out.

X1 - rubbish !

Helmet cam ... needs care to aim ...

Sunglass cam ... great if you do not wear glasses ...

For onboard video simplicity ... it has to be the 808 .. refer to link above to choose which one.

Of course you could mount an FPV setup like the Quanum Camera / Tx combo and then feed to a Rx plugged into a tablet / phone for recording...

I have not used Runcam or anything like that ... I'm a cheapskate and tried to satisfy via eBay rubbish !!

Last item : Soloshot 3. Remote automatic camera tracking system. $500 of crap !! I have two .... (they sent me a replacement after battery crapped out on first ... which eventually I managed to get fired up again).

You can get relatively cheap cameras that do 4K etc. but in reality - the 1080p is generally good enough .... beware of cameras that 'extrapolate' lesser resolution ...
Wonderful info...thx a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!
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