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Originally Posted by Sir Raleigh View Post
One thing I've found about those "Jeweler's Screwdrivers" is that the real cheap ones are made in China and the quality isn't all that great. The tips twist, break, and the "X" point ones wear down quickly and become useless.

However, I found this one (pictured) at my local hardware store which is a very fine quality with 4 interchangeable tips. Cost was around $3.50, I think, and well worth it.

OK, Ill be sure to consider that.


I hooked up the servos. They have good throws when they are at the second-closest hole to the surface.

Whats wierd is these servos started randomly spazzing, without any input at all from me. At first I was hearing a bit of a grinding noise for, like, 2 seconds after the servos returned to neutral, but now they just spazz. Does anyone know what is causing this. I have no flying fields near me that may be interfiering.

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