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Ya got any Beeman's?
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Payne, I never trust what the ads for these helis state for channels. Heck, they sometimes consider up-down-turn left-turn right as 4 channels! I had the chance to fly a $20 3 channel that was like this without the fans. It actually worked pretty well, but I still found it harder to fly than my MSR, as to avoid anything, you had to use the yaw to turn away from an obstacle, then push the 'cyclic' to move away. With a regular 4ch, you just move the cyclic where you want to go.

Still-cyco, if you're serious about getting into the hobby, or at least want a heli that you're not battling to control, one like Payne showed will be way more fun. It just takes a little time to learn the basics, but no more than the cheap mall heli's. Soon you'll be flying the tunnle between the coffee table and the couch, chasing the dog/cat, etc.
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