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Default 3D Prop Selection

OK I have a basic idea on how to size a prop, but not quite sure of some of the trade-offs. To be specific I have a Extreme Flight 48-inch Edge 540 with a T2814T-820 motor using 3S 2600 mah battery and Castle 50 Amp ESC. The book only recommends using 4S 12 x 6 prop. Somewhere I picked up if using 3S to use a 13 x 6.5 prop. I do have Drive Calc program and know what props should work.

I also know the basic rules of half square like 12 x 6, 13 x 6.5, and 14 x 7. I can use all 3 prop sizes without over loading the motor or ESC. Obviously the 14 x 7 produces the most thrust, but does that make it the best for a 3D plane.

Hard to find information on what props to use on electric 3D planes. My gut tells me I want as wide of diameter as I can get, bur real life tells me that may introduce significant P factor in post stall maneuvers.

Anyone have links that explains the trade-offs? Example what props are best for Post Stall vs Extreme Maneuvers.
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