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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
I've flown this plane with this same motor in various setups. It will be quite marginal for 3D work with a 3S battery and a 13x6.5 prop, it will be much better on the 14x7 but this will work a 45A ESC pretty hard. But better yet, run it on 4S
I do run 14 x 7 on 3S. My ESC is a Castle Lite 50 and meter pegs at 46 amps on a 14 x 7 prop.

I do have a couple of 4S batteries but that will require a 12 x 6 prop which reflects what the manual says.. On Drive Calc, with a 4S battery, the largest Prop the motor can handle is 13 x 4 APCE, and that produces the most thrust at 2495 grams @ 41 amps. With a 12 x 6 works out to 2662 grams of thrust @ 45.2 amps.

Think I might try a 13 x 4 with a 4S battery. Will not go real fast but should be excellent at Post Stall maneuvers, easy to control throttle, and not stress the ESC or motor.
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