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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Correct, the magic smoke would be released if you tried! The stock motor on 4S with a 12x6 has plenty of power and is a good all round balance, so nothing wrong with that.
Yes I am more than happy with the factory motor.. I spent a lot of time doing homework on this model before selecting all the bits and pieces.

I upgraded the servos to digitals with metal gears and higher operating voltage. Factory recommended Hitec HS-70MG, I used Hitec HS-5070MG. I upgraded the ESC to a Castle Creations Phoenix Lite 50 which gives me a little more current cushion on the motor, significantly more SBEC current, and the ability to run 8 volts to the servos and RX, I also upgraded the hinges to a Dubro pin hinges.

Lastly I consulted with a user that goes by the name Doc Austin. He convinced me to go with the 48 inch 540T Edge EXP because I have so many 3S 2200 mah batteries. With a 13 x 6.5 and 14 x 7 props is really more than enough power. When I do get comfortable with the plane, I do have a few new 4S 2500 mah batteries and a few 12 x 6 props when I think I am ready for the added speed. Right now I have all the control surfaces limited to 45 degree deflection. Since I used upgraded control arms,, control horns, and digital servos going to 80 degree deflection is just a matter of programming the servos for the extra range. Right now they only rotate roughly 100 degrees, and they can go to 180 degrees. I spent a lot of time getting the geometry right from the start.

Well that is I plan to try 4S in the future if I do not turn it into toothpicks first. I will say it is a fairly easy plane to fly. Not as easy as my Addiction X, but not a huge step up in skill to handle. Just faster landing speeds. Hell the Addiction X is super easy to fly and can land at 0 ground speed easily with throttle control.
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