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Originally Posted by FlyWheel View Post
OK, I've been out of it for a while so this question may be obsolete, but with all the (mostly useless I.M.O.) telemetry gizmos that gets stuffed into model aircraft today, has anyone thought of one that sends back to the TX or a cell phone it's current GPS location? No silly searching for an alarm, just go to wherever the plane went down.

Seriously, if we can accurately track a 'tiny' spacecraft from billions of miles away....
I have such a 'gizmo' bolted onto side of my Phantom Camera Drone.

It works on the GSM system with a PAYG card in it ... you send a text to it and it links to your phone. Model goes down ... you text your code to the 'gizmo' - it sends back GPS coords and you can also see on a map exactly where it is.

Does it work ? So far unreliable but I think its the network rather than the gizmo ...

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