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Hi Nigel
My buddy and I are working on the Omnibus F3/ F4 at present as that in conjunction with iNav is the way to go for what you are proposing.
iNav is aimed more at sport/FPV etc with RTH and altitude hold, telemetry etc with more lollies being added to the bag as time goes on, like sonar etc.
I have a lot to learn even though I became quite proficient back in the Naze 32 days.
Naze was full of promises that never eventuated.
I will follow this thread with interest.

As for a camera gimbal. I used a Bangood 2 axis gimbal for some time with great success. I wrecked it and bought another and it was also excellent until I wrecked it too.
I bought a replacement board from Banggood recently that looked the same but it appears I have been duped with a clone and no amount of FW seems to get it to do anything but shudder.
Banggood offered to help but I decided to cut my losses and buy a non clone gimbal board as at least I won't get frustrated trying to get the damn thing operating.
I waited several weeks for it and spent several weeks trying to get it to operate. Waste of time.

Hope this helps

Incidentally, I found that my old ESCs were not suitable for these new FC boards nor were the motors I had used previously for the Naze Boards.
You must use quality Simon K or preferably BL Heli ESCs. Emax motors are good too.
Some good info on the IntoFPV Forums.

I use a SJ4000 cam and I have a few FPV cameras (Runcam Eagle) etc but I like my old 808 #16 720P cam for FPV. (A lens)
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