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Originally Posted by DickCorby View Post
When I first started using Li-po's I used a container such as this. Really was afraid of them. Now I haven't used it in over a year, and have to charge some of my packs in the aircraft due to configuration. Some models are ruined if you try to set up a way to remove the batteries every time. The Yak 54 Fiberglass would ential removing the prop and cowl every time to get them out. And at the IMAC contests, those flying electrics do the same.

I really just make sure of the charger being set right, and I have had no signs of problems.
I used to charge my Li-Pos on a wooden bench in the basement. Been doing that for three years next month, without any problems. When we are careful, there is no reason for 'accidents' to happen. "Set it once and check it thrice", it's what my late grandfather used to say. He made his living re-winding electric motors of all sizes and types.

This container was given to me by a very good friend, so I use it regularly since it's available.

I know the pain it is removing and re-inserting battery packs in certain models, and the fact that some can get damaged in that process, especially when it is as involved as it is in your case.

BTW, that's a mighty fine looking YAK-54 you have there. Really nice!
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