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One thing I do use is a fireproof container to transport and store the Li-Po's. It is a fireproof safe that I got at Fry's computer. In addition I always keep it in the front seat just in case. It would be a quick thing to pull over and throw it out the window if something should happen. I also have a fire extinguisher within easy reach at my workbench.

When my Quique Yak crashed, the batteries were really banged and misshapened, but cool. We kept them at hand, (I wanted to remove the connectors etc. back at the shop). and about an hour after the crash I picked them up and they had begun to warm up. Immediately cut off the wiring and doused them in Salt water, and they did their thing allowing them to be discarded the next day.

Note that it was about an hour after the crash that they began to warm up. So just because they are cool right after a crash, it doesn't mean they are not going to go up later.
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