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Originally Posted by Fviking View Post
My Polaris is done, and the wind is kicking up whitecaps on the lake !
I waterproofed my ESC with conformal epoxy 3M makes it it is called DP 270
you mix it up and after removing the shrink wrap pour it all over in into the ESC, not on the heat sink though. Then take a heat gun and heat it up the epoxy thins out and most runs off but enough to waterproof it remains. Hang it over a paper plate untill it stops dripping.
You can find 3M DP 270 and Corrosion X Here http://www.offshoreelectrics.com/products.php?cat=79
I also do Fast Electric Boats that is where I learned that trick. I have a 36" fiberglass boat I made that does 50 mph. Video here [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5l_dtsMtSs[/media]Enjoy;
I havent tried the conformal coating on anything yet. The CorrosionX has been working for me without issue.

That conformal coating is the same type of thing Castle Creations will do for you if you ask when you order from them. I forget but I think they only charge about $5 or so to do an esc or Rx.

Originally Posted by Alpea42 View Post
FVik I saw yours at the thread at R/C G nice job. We've up motored ours to a Turnigy 450 1050 Kv with a 7x5 prop on 4 cells and it seems to have greater than 1 to 1 thrust now. So I'm hopin it gets air born quicker and the motor wont be hot. Have ordered this motor for the 2nd one Says it's equall to a Axi 2808.
Alpea42 - your doing things a bit different from the masses. Most are running motors closer to 1800-2000 kV on 3S.

Nice job to both of you on your Polari
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