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Look out for that tree!!!
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LOL Great story!

Im not sure how the Spectrum tx's work on that. With Futaba you dial in - expo to tame things down. Spectrum may be just the opposite. If you had it backwards then yeah, you would have had a wild ride for sure!

If your going to stick with that plane, let me make a few suggestions.

1)RTFM on the Spectrum manual and adjust the expo to tame down the controls around center stick - elevator and aileron for sure. Id recommend you start about 50%. You can probably leave rudder alone.
2)Adjust the surfaces so you have no more throw on elevator/aileron than Steve recommends - maybe even a bit less. Rudder again can be left as is or if anything get it to maximum. You need lots of rudder to turn on the ground/water.
3)Make sure the CG is exactly where Steve recommends. His CG is very safe and still allows the plane to fly well.

4)This is the most important one of all - don't fly at full throttle! If your weight is even half way close to recommended it will take off and fly easily at 1/2 throttle. It will probably stay in the air at even lower throttle settings. If you have to use more throttle to get it off the water, imediately back off to 1/2 stick and fly it as slowly as you can. It will still be moving right along but far slower than at full throttle.

The slower it flys, the longer you have to make corrections and keep it in the air. The faster you fly the faster you get into trouble

Use slow, easy, gentle, stick movements. If you yank the stick, the Polaris will do exactly what you tell it to do and it will be all over the place.

5)Take off and land directly into the wind. Preferably - do not fly in any wind at all.

6)Get a different plane to learn on

Sense you live on a lake and at the risk of bragging, Id recommend building one of my Capricorns.

They are hands down the best handling, easiest to fly hydro/water/all terrain plane around. They will fly at a walking speed and they have built in hands off stability. Properly set up, you can get up hi, cut the throttle and set your tx down on the ground and it will land itself. They are easier to build and repair than a Polaris too.

They dont LOOK nearly as cool as a Polaris and they dont fly nearly as fast, but they will do maneuvers a Polaris cant do. Once you get the hang of it, you can fly one indoors or out or in hi winds or in half a basket ball court. Once you get a little more used to it you can increase throws, move the cg back and it will do some amazing stuff.
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