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Default VIQ:Very Important Qusetion


As far as I know, when I bought a Chinese RC Monster truck I had figured out that the batteries (which are just covered by green plastic) are not for this RC and before I buy it, someone changed them - it's really obvious but I still have doubt - and now because I am in the Iran [and there is no any market to ask or repair the RC Vehicles] I can't complain that the batteries are not original and even not well; because, when I charge the batteries (4 unknown type batteries in one Green package) and put them in the truck, the truck just move normally for a little time (10~12 seconds) and then it works or moves really slow even after just 15 seconds the RC will stop moving! just like when the batteries die but clearly the battery has a lot of energy.
This problem is not depends on the duration of time that I charge the battery because it just happened one day when I charge the batteries more than 24 hours (and they didn't burned!), really weird!.
  • the question is why that problem cause? is there any way to get rid of this problem?



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I think that the battery pack is 7.9 or 9 Volt (no information are written or shown on the battery pack - even the charger).
And also remember that the RC truck is fine and working perfectly.
*=If you don't watch this, You'll answer me wrongly.

Sorry for my bad English... .

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