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Got a surprise last night from the Postman. I guess USPS.com is not always so accurate because my Phoenix 2000 arrived. The build seemed like it would be easy, yeah not so much. I did not take any pictures to show progress because I figured it would be so easy no one would care. Boy was I wrong. First of all everything came well packed in fact over packed and I can not complain about that I was just worried that I might accidentally lose something with all that packing material. After getting everything unpacked I read the manual or lack of manual. Basically it was worthless. If you dont have a little building experience you will get some with this kit. An example of the manual would be "attach tail wing." Yea I know I need to do this but with what and do I glue it or use these screws?? So my build lasted a good 4 1/2 hours. Ok enough of that. I saw that it has precut room for flap servos and all you need to do is cut the flaps out and Voilą and I just had 2 extra servos that were the correct size for this, on top of that there was enough extra hardware to make it work. This alone made up for the lack of instructions. I was actually surprised to see that the fuselage is not made of foam but plastic which I think is great and far more sturdy but I became concerned that it may be to heavy So after a lot of study of pictures I got this plane built and thought to be very nice and got excited to get her in the air. I then began to test all electronics and found I could not get the flaps to work and will have to do some research on how to get them to work with a DX6I. Decided I would have to maiden with out flaps. Checked the weather report and looked like Sunday/today would be a perfect day for a maiden but I have to get up early 5am early but will be worth it if it flies well.

So 5am comes around and grabbed my coffee and water and off to the field I went. After arrival of my flying buddy, Gary, we did a good preflight check and found that the elevator was not quite right and I needed to adjust the control horn and servos more. Got that done checked the throttle and the prop flew off. It would seem that the collete nut tends to back off while spinning. So added some thread lock to it and that seemed to fix that problem. My Pucker factor on a scale of 1-10 was about a 5 due to 1. maiden 2. lack of instructions but 3. was confident in my build and 4. My Mojo was good. Gary has a lot of experience with sailplanes and he was happy to give it a hand toss for me. She flew great required very little trim. Most trim corrections were in the up elevator. This bird cant wait to climb and climbs fast. After trim it was time to just enjoy a nice flight. The phoenix is very graceful and quite she loved being in the air and glided 90% of a 20 min flight. The hard part came when it was time to land the Phoenix flies gracefully but also gains speed rather quickly. I began to wish I had those flaps working. She came in to hot 3 times and I continued to go around for another go at it. I was worried that the prop brake would not work, because that is my luck,and worried I would break a prop, I dont have a spare. Finally I was able to get her far enough out for a nice easy glide and the prop break worked perfectly for a nice gentle glide to the ground. Belly landed perfectly.


This plane is a great sailplane in my opinion flies and glides very nice. Need to add some color to the bottom of the wing for orientation purposes. The instructions have a lot to be desired but that is probably it worst thing about this plane. I look forward to sloaping her and just enjoying some RnR flying and it loves the wind and for someone in Wyoming or Kansas or anywhere wind is a norm this plane will make you very pleased you got it.
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