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Originally Posted by CrimzonRider View Post
Good to know....thx Fish. Hope you have many flights with it.
In my short tenure with e-gliders, the wide flight envelope is what attracted me first, fairly slow landing and low sink rates(almost hard to land, meaning you have to extend your "landing" pattern sometimes two-fold), but still able to zoom around and yank/bank if you wanna and able to fly in a little more wind.
This would be same for me. Although the wide envelope can be a con because the Phoenix is not portable by no means. I am thinking of a mod to make the wings a bit easier to remove for transport. You aint kidding about the landing pattern I have almost hit myself as it keeps gliding buy.

Originally Posted by CrimzonRider View Post
There is a mountain of info to learn with gliding, and I am still at base camp 1!! Kinda silly, but my confidence in flying all my planes, went sky high when I first shut off the throttle. It seemed like forever (ok....maybe 2 or 3 mins) til I had to throttle back up. Also I am glad to see a little more interest in e-gliders.
You aint kidding with a lot to learn and I am eager to soak it all in and at least you have made to base camp I am still at the bottom going which way do i go? LOL

Originally Posted by CrimzonRider View Post
BTW what battery you using?.... In my experience, a lil' smaller battery sometimes works better(less sink), if you can still maintain CoG.

Currently I am using 3s 1800MAH. They are batteries I had and use in other models as well and I think that type of battery is a good average battery for most planes at least the ones in my fleet anyway
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