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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
So are the wings not removable the way she's designed? How are they attached, and what kind of modification are you thinking of?
The wings are screwed in with 4 screws that attached to the fuselage. Through a 2 strong pieces of plastic. A big deal? Heck no but I appreciate portability and I am firm believer in "time is money" Where am I going with this? Well here in Wyoming mother nature gives you a sporadic window of no wind or light winds for an unexpected time. The wind here is really unpredictable. I for one keep my planes hanging in my garage, so I can grab my planes and quickly head out to the field when that window opens up. No one want to have to grab a screwdriver remove the screws, wings load into vehicles, drive to the field, unload, reattach wings and get to flying. When the wind could start picking up at 20 - 30 mph gusts in a moments notice. I know we are talking about a sail plane here. I get that, but again it comes back to portability. Does one want to do all that to go hiking to find a good slope to soar? Maybe, I dont know yet for I have not gone yet we will see.

I have been tossing around the idea of Velcro attaching the wings but I appreciate the sturdiness of the plastic and screws the Phoenix provides and I think there is a good reason for it to exist, or the use of some sort of quick disconnect. Lets not forget there is a reason I am not an engineer. So I have not come up with a mod nor do I think I will have a good one to come up with because though not portable so far it is sturdy and that may out weight the need for portability

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