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Angry Toast

Well where to begin.
The Phoenix 2000 is officially toast. Well let me back up. First of all the Phoenix 2000 has 2 bad drawbacks. First of all the battery tray, Very weak and has to constantly be checked the balsa easily comes loose causing a possible CG problem due to it shifting either forwards or backwards. The 2nd drawback can be its stall characteristics. It does not take much for this plane to stall on any turn. This brings me to Monday evening. A big crash. The wind was blowing at maybe 18 mph with gust at about 20mph. A typical day here in Wyoming. However when Fishbonez decides to go flying in windy conditions it no longer becomes a typical day in Wyoming. I was a bit apprehensive taking my Phoenix 2000 up in the wind because I had had a rough couple of days repairing her but one of the reasons I purchased a sailplane was to enjoy the wind. Today was not that day. While in flight I made a mistake not sure what mistake that was but it caused the plane to stall and it came down like a rocket at approximately 60 mph and slammed into some playground equipment, making a huge plume of foam, luckily no kids there, but the couple sitting on the bench well lets just say they are now ready for the Olympic high jump. Scared the pants off them. Glad they were not hit or hurt. The phoenix well did not fare so well. She is repairable but will definitely take some toothpicks, glue and a lot of heart to get her back up. After several pain staking hours of repair. She was ready for another go and today was the day. As usual she took off right out of my hand and climbed to height fast. That was the best I can report because suddenly she began to turn right and fly in circles with no response to left. Possibly a sticking servo. I tried to give it some rudder but no response suddenly it stalled and came rushing down. Learning from my last mistake I quickly gave it some gas and up elevator. Motor kicked on but no response to the elevator. Then Wham right into some pine trees. Ripping the wings and tail feathers off. Wing and tail feathers were left high a top of a tree and the fuse log stuck in the ground nose down in the mud. Broken prop. Tried recovering the wing with numerous tactics but she was stuck. Many other parts were found spread through out the crash site. I recovered all that I could find but was going to have to wait until the wind began to blow to recover the wing and tail feathers. Few hours later the wind kicked up and I went to recover. However the wing had separated from the carbon spar and huge chunks of foam were missing from both sides of the wing. Some were still showered through out the pine tree. So all in all she is toast. Even if I were to fix her up it would require a lot of replacement foam to get the wings back to a usable condition and to mount to the fuselage. Now the question is this do I purchase a spare set of wings and tail feathers? A good idea however the cost of the wings and tail feather is just about 10 dollars shy of a new P2k. Do I try another sail plane? This is possible but I donít like to give up on any plane I purchase. So I am not sure which way to go.
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