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Originally Posted by p3arljam View Post
I want to remove a square section of foam from the bottom of my plane but i dont want to cut all they way through to the inside of the fuse. I have the patterned traced out and just need to remove a few layers of foam so the piece i am installing will be flush with the fuse. The piece is the size and thickness of a credit card. Is there a neat and clean way to do this?
One way is the use of a soldering gun. Remove the tip of the gun, and install a piece of #12 solid building copper wire, the type used in the outlets in your house. (I don't know if #14 wire would get hot enough.)

Shape the copper wire to a little smaller than the width of your required cutout, heat up the gun and slice away. You want to cut about 1/4 inch per second or so. Control the heat of the soldering gun by pulsing the trigger on and off.

This will require some sort of depth control, perhaps with a wheel collar on the copper wire. It will require a bit of practice on some pieces of scrap foam. If it looks good, then you could try it on your fuse. This is not original, many modelers have been using this type of thing for decades.

And, if to much is removed, find some of that "Premium Grade Patch - N - Paint lightweight spackling compound. I found a small container of it At Ace Hardware.

This spackling material has little mechanical strength, so don't use it in structural areas.
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