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Originally Posted by fhhuber View Post
Here's another tip...

go ahead and cut out deeper than you need to. It can be ugly even as long as the outline is right.

Apply clear packing tape to your ply plate in preparation to tape it in place on the belly of the plane.

mix 1 part white glue (Elmer's school glue or similar) with Quick set Gorilla polyurethane glue. (dries white) This will foam up pretty fast.

Smear the glue mix into the hole and slap that ply in place.
Smooth the tape down.

Check to ensure the foaming isn't pushing the ply up... if it is just push it down and add weight.

About 20 minutes later its all set up. Some glue may have seeped around the edges of the ply. Just sand it or carve it off.

It'll be pretty.
Or, use that premium grade patch and paint lightweight spackling under the ply sheet. This stuff can be tweaked before drying with the edge of a credit card. And is easily sanded after 24 hours of drying. Then, put a very thin layer of epoxy on the spackling, and place your ply sheet.

Just note that this spackling doesn't have much strength, so don't use it in a structural area. Appearance wise, after sanding the foam and spackling, this spackling is very close to foam.

As for me, I'd just put a wide bevel the edge of that sheet of thin ply, and glue it to the foam.
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