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Originally Posted by FlyWheel View Post
I finally decided on the Hyperion HP-Zs2213-22. It's not as powerful as even the lowest Axi I had posted, but it should certainly be good enough for the coolliner E-glider I'm planning to build. It's also smaller (28MM vs. 35MM) and the resulting plane will be even lighter. Which is better for a glider!

Sorry Larry, but I couldn't get the $16 one you lead me to as their payment page kept shutting down my browsers. I tried four times, but neither Explorer nor Chrome could deal with it so I got one from National Hobbies instead. I also ordered a Jeti 30A ESC from Esprit. Again, 30 amps is probably more than this Hype will ever pull, but I figured better safe...

Best result I got from MotoCalc on this motor was from 3 cells and a 10x5 prop (I can also use a 10x6 if that's not enough). I can get those from my (NS)LHS

SO... I have my motor, my ESC, battery, prop, receiver and servos. All before I even started building. That's a first for me!
MotoCalc is way off on that. You're going to need at least an 11x6 minimum or you will have an anemic climb. I really think you are going to need a 12x6 or 13x4 (depending on your battery packs) to be happy.

That prediction is for a conventional model thats assumed to climb normally and NOT be hand launched. Also, 600 some feet per minute is less than half the climb rate Im getting on my Bubble Dancer. Thats a fairly slow climb and your going to need to launch dead level and build up speed first.

That small prop will give you much less thrust - which may make hand launching tricky and possibly dangerous if you arent careful and fast on the sticks.

Dont get me wrong - it will work. Its just going to be marginal.

Ive flown sailplanes on as little as 20 watts/pound - but its nothing like normal RC flying.

At low power levels, you are flying very much "on the wing" and you cannot count on power to save you. I doubt very much if you have any flying time at that low a power loading. No conventional models are set up that way, so most everyone is used to flying models with gobs of excess power available.

With that small a prop and that low a power loading you will not have much - if any - excess power/thrust to play with. Its going to require you to maintain sufficient air speed at all times to be safe.

Imagine hand launching one of your heavy, fast models with the throttle stuck at 1/4 and you will have an idea what it might be like
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