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My HS stocks AeroNaut blades, so that's the brand I would get, They're a trusted name. And I never buy anything from Hobby King...I've heard that even some of the name brands they carry are actually lower quality versions. And yes, I am very familiar with the horror stories about their auto-disintegrative props.

After looking at the tech-sheet/PDF from Hyperion 12-6 was what I was considering. The loads listed for that motor/prop on a three cell battery are right at the top of (or just barely over) the 'nominal' ranges for both wattage and amperage. so even for continued flight I wouldn't be traumatizing the motor (well, not by too much, at least ). And I always do a motor test with my trusty WhattMeter in place before installing anything in the plane.

As for the spinner, the plans the nose of this bird call for a 1.5" spinner, although as small as this motor is, as well as mounting it bell forward I may be able to sand the nose down enough to get away with something even smaller. And the yoke will not be extending any more than is absolutely necessary to allow the blades to lie 'flat' against the fuselage. The way I see it, tighter the nose the easier it will slip through the air. Gliders are, all about drag. Or rather lack thereof.
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